About Us

Avalon Labs LLC is a venture started by two project managers who know the ins and outs of starting a new entity online. Our mission is to help small businesses get up and running on the web, from social media to ad copy to web design.


CEO and Founder
Deborah Fike is a classic entrepreneur, many hats and all.  From working as a marketing manager with GarageGames, to writing fiction for InstantAction, to producing mobile games with Disney Interactive Media, she knows how to both organize and execute projects. She teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon in between consultation projects.


CTO and Founder
Jacob Fike holds over a decade of experience in web development, working with companies such as Disney Interactive Media, Playdom, and GarageGames.  He's a pro at server administration, database administration and server-side programming. He loves building internal tools and has a keen eye for cutting-edge web design.