I just had my second baby in September, and it’s amazing how much easier it was.  Each of my pregnancies and birth had their difficulties, but there’s something much more frightening and terrifying when you’re a first time mother.  You have no idea what to expect once the child arrives, only that you are in charge of it.  Everything is new and extremely challenging.

With this baby, things are much more calm.  Even though my life has become much more hectic than before, I’m not sweating it nearly as much.  The experience of already having raise one baby means that I know a lot of what to expect the second time around.  Sure, there are differences, but there are also similarities in having my second child.

Tackling a new task can feel much the same way as parenting.  Doing things for the first time seem daunting, sometimes overwhelming.  Remember what it was like on the first date you ever took?  The first time you drove?  The same applies at work.  The first time you have to present your findings to your boss can set your heart racing.  The second, third, twenty-fifth time, not so much.

So remember, if you’re about to dive into something for the first time ever and feel like it’s impossible, relax.  You can do this.  It’s just the first step to the more relaxing second time around.


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