I’m at a key point of my career that I’m sure many of you are intimately familiar: there is too much to do.  Too far behind in one project, too many tasks left undone, and too much going on in my personal life.  A few months ago, I was trying to do it all, and it didn’t take me long to realize I couldn’t keep up the pace I had set for myself.

So it all came down to one little word: prioritization.

I’ve taken everything I want to accomplish and boiled it down to essentials.  I’ve decided which projects I’m working on are more important and which are not.  I made sure I had ample time to spend with my family.  And even though I do feel a pang of regret that some opportunities are passing me by, I am infinitely happier now than I was in February.

So for everyone else drowning out there in a sea of “I’ve got to get things done,” remember this – you can’t do it all.  Life isn’t about burning out, it’s about burning bright.  Use prioritization and determine what really is important in your life.

-Deborah Fike

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