…makes for a very poor lifestyle.

Now, we’re in the thick of launching a business here at Avalon Labs.  Lots of weekends and late nights have been spent developing, hashing and making Fellowstream the best it can be.  We’re boot strapping with the smallest team we can afford right now, and that means everyone has to pull at least two people’s weight.  (It also means I have gained about two people’s worth of weight since I tend to stress eat when I’m busy  T_T)

Just because we’re focused on Fellowstream, though, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten other important elements of our life.  This weekend, for example, the founders Jacob and I are off to Houston to visit Jacob’s relatives.  We don’t get a lot of chances to visit family except for these precious holiday moments, so we’re making the most of our time.

That doesn’t mean we’re not dedicated to Fellowstream.  Far from it!  We lugged this heavy old laptop with us so we can dev in case of an emergency.  But even though Fellowstream is a top priority for the company, so it is for us to remember how important it is to be with the ones you love.

So here’s to being with family and friends with this weekend. If you can’t be with them now, I hope you can at least schedule some time soon when you can.

-Deborah Fike

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