Strange ideas seem to pop into existence late at night.  Jacob and I have spent countless midnight hours going over potential business ideas.  Some of them are extensions of Fellowstream (“VOIP and chat features!”), others different web apps we could build (“What about a better way to manage invoice tracking?”), and still others completely ridiculous (“Let’s make a Facebook game called ‘Spam Wars’ that just posts random sh*t to people’s Walls.  It’ll be great!”

Obviously, not all ideas can be implemented.  If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say 98% of them are not.  I have a better chance to winning $3 on a scratch ticket.

That doesn’t mean the ideas can’t be put to good use later.  In fact, I’ve found that sometimes even ridiculous ideas come back to haunt us in one form or another.  Fellowstream itself was something Jacob had been playing around with it in the back of his mind.  We Franken-idea’ed it together playing a game of ‘What if?’ and it continues to evolve in ways we hadn’t anticipated.

So if you think there’s no opportunities out there for entrepreneurs, think again.  I bet somewhere in the back of your mind is a mesh of ideas waiting to be harvested.  You just need to let it simmer a little longer.

-Deborah Fike

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