I spent the weekend playing with my 3-year-old nephews.  The thing we often envy about kids is their ability to have so much energy, and it’s so true.  I feel about ninety years old, sitting on the couch writing this blog after spending five days with them.  I can only imagine how my siblings keep after these kids.

So yes, I understand why we envy a child’s energy.  But more than that, I envy a child’s ability to learn new things without caring if she looks stupid.

As you can tell from this family photo, at 3-years-old, I could care less (while my adult self cringes).

Kids love to learn.  One of my nephews was constantly asking me questions, oftentimes to my chagrin when all I wanted to do was sit on my butt and rest my eyes for a minute.  My nephew, though, doesn’t sit around to wait for things to happen. He makes things happen, and then pulls me along until I’m helping him make it happen.  He does these things not because he’s selfish, but because he’s learning and he’s trying to move his goals and objectives forward constantly.  He could care less if someone gets momentarily upset with him or if he falls on his face now and again.  He just picks himself up and moves on.

If you’re trying to launch a business, think how great it would be if you did things without caring.  The odds normally seemed stacked against you.  Not only do small businesses have an 80% chance of failing, but competition is fierce.  It seems like every day you find someone new who’s nipping at your heels, trying to take away your market share.  Nay sayers love to poke at your business plan and show all its shortcomings.  Who wouldn’t succumb to that kind of pressure?

Well, kids wouldn’t.  Kids push their boundaries by exploring.  They try new things constantly.   They’re not afraid to speak their minds.  And they do this usually in spite of what their parents may be saying over their heads.  For most active children, “no” isn’t a restriction, it’s a challenge.

What could we accomplish if we had the same ability?

-Deborah Fike

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