This Monday morning, it was difficult to crawl out of bed.  Despite the fact that I got plenty of rest, felt physically fine, and was working within my routine, I just couldn’t find my get up ‘n’ go.  It took me a full two hours after making it to my desk to feel human again, and in those dark hours, I wondered why I even bothered when my comforting mattress waited for me.

They say when you’re an entrepreneur (or whenever you do something you’re passionate about), that you’ll love it 24/7.  That every morning you wake up the birds will sing, your mind will be aching to race back to your work, and that life becomes a working utopia.  Hooray for you for not “selling out” at some other, perhaps better paying, job.  This is your calling, and it will transform your life.

I think that’s a big pile of BS.

Even when you’re doing something you absolutely love, there will be days when throwing the alarm out the window will appeal more than getting to work.  Those singing birds will take the day off while you wish you could just have an hour, a day, or a week where you are not burdened by obligation and just relax.

This does not mean you are a failure.  It means you’re human.  It means you’re a complex human being with a variety of desires.  We strive whenever we can in our lives – at work, with family, even in play – to be engaged in healthy interactions and emotions.  But that doesn’t mean, even when life is going great, that we don’t need a break once in a while. Even from the things we love most.

So entrepreneurs, don’t despair.  It’s okay to have a bad start to the morning.  It doesn’t mean you don’t love what you’re doing right now.  It just means you’re human.

-Deborah Fike

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