Long weekends are difficult to plan.  On one hand, there’s a bunch of business-related stuff to get done.  On the other, my family and I deserve a break to spend time together.  So why not split the difference?  Here’s my plan for Memorial Day weekend (in no particular order):

  • Grade midterms for the test I administered last Thursday at the University of Oregon.
  • Go swimming with my family.
  • Catch up on blog writing on external sites.
  • Weed a few patches in the front lawn.
  • Have Sunday dinner with friends.
  • Work on SEO for both my site and my clients’.
  • Carve out some Diablo 3 time with my husband.
  • Sleep in an hour at least one day.

How are you juggling work life balance this Memorial Day?

-Deborah Fike

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